Business Valuator, Forensic/Litigation Support Accountant, and Accountant Consultants
Business Valuator, Forensic/Litigation Support Accountant, and Accountant Consultants

Every business is unique, so is its value.

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Business Valuation

Establishing an accurate assessment of what a business is worth requires in-depth, specialized knowledge. Our certified business valuator has expertise in accounting, taxation, finance and economics as well as valuation theory and application. We provide qualified, objective third party opinion value. All our assessments are thorough and come with assurance that they comply with accepted standards of professional practice.
Our business valuation include, but not limited to: 

Buy-Sell Agreement Valuation

Corporate Valuation

Employee Stock Ownership Plans

Gift, Estate, and Income Tax Compliance

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Valuation Process

The business valuation process serves as a significant asset for the business owner as well. Our business valuations assist owners and other parties to understand the key value drivers of the company along with the corresponding strengths. Once values have been determined, the true value of a business can be assessed, and owner(s) and parties can make reasonable decision based on assessed value.

Generally, there are but not limited to three type of business valuation reports we issue:

Detailed Business Valuation

Summary Business Valuation

Calculation of Value

And Appraisal Review or second opinion about a valuation report

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In today's world of increasingly complex business environment; Let's face it, your probability of a success increases when you have the expertise of an experienced Certified Public Accountant on your side. 

Objective valuation can make the difference between loss or gain, success or failure. Whether you need a Preliminary Analysis, a Limited, or a Comprehensive Appraisal, we can assist.

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